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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Walk To Remember...

Just a glance into the craziness of my life....

Last night my mom called to see if we wanted to go for a walk over to the State Park. Of course the kids are all go for anything that involves a park so we eat and go thru our going away routine. This involves shoes and each child going potty. Do not even think about getting in the truck unless you have gone or tried to go potty first! So when everyone is loaded up we pick up grammy and head to the park. Immediately upon parking Kyalynn starts having a meltdown because she realizes we are actually here to go for a walk and not to play on the playset. Oh my! (Insert loud wailing and screaming here.) As we begin our walk (that we've taken many, many times) Gabriella decides she is petrified of EVERYTHING! Kyalynn has now ceased her screaming and so Gab must think it's too quiet so she begins to fill the silence with her screaming and yelling. Nolan is on my hip, Gabriella is holding my hand and my mom has the other 2 as we cross a road to head to the safe walking area. Things have begun to quiet down. As long as I hold Gabriella's hand she remains calm but the instant I let go to readjust Nolan or heaven forbid itch my nose, she begins whining again. At one point I inhale a bug as I'm talking and am thrown into a coughing fit (who knew that a teeny tiny bug the size of a pin head could make you cough and gag for 5 minutes?!) Kyalynn sees this as her chance to escape and off she goes. Of course I can't yell for her or at her because I am at this moment gagging on a gnat! Connor went and grabbed her hand and held her until we caught up but she wasn't happy about her foiled escape plan. LOL! As we crossed the road again to head back to our vehicle, Connor in front, then me holding Gabriella's hand and Nolan and then my mom with Kyalynn. Well, Kyalynn did not want to go that way and started yelling and pulled away from my mom and ran back into the road! Thank God there were no cars coming! I grabbed her and held her until it was safe for her to walk again. Of course this caused Miss G to loose it as I was not holding her hand and so she began her happy tirade of screaming (and trust me, this girl can SCREAM!) My mom, of course, wanted to comfort her but I had had enough of her powerplaying and said she could walk without holding anyone's hand. Stress?! What stress?! LOL! Oh but it gets better (it always does...)
Kyalynn has a habit of saying "do you have to pee?" alot usually when she is stressed or upset. So she had been saying this during our walk most of the time and I responded "ok, just hold it". I figured she was just stressed because we were walking and not playing on the slide like she wanted. Well, apparently not this time. As we were nearing the end of our walk my mom had Kyalynn's hand and suddenly she said "you have to pee?" and "uh-oh" and there she was bent down peeing right thru her pants! I took it in stride as these things are just a regular part of my world now. The look on my moms face! She tells me often how she couldn't do what I do and my dad often says he would never want my job. :) I do believe they are proud of us especially seeing our lives in motion (real and unedited!)
So, I'm not sure my mom will call to go for a walk anymore. But hey, if any of you out there want to go on a walk to remember...please give us a call. LOL!!


crispy said...

CRAZY !!! At least you had some time outdoors. =)

Dana said...

Sounds like a day at our house! Maybe the playground- but no walks!

Tereasa said...

LOL! I would love to have company on our next walk. Actually, (so far) walks are the only time my kids are not crazy! That's why we spend half the day outdoors!! Everything you said could have happened to us anywhere else, though.

Oh, don't you just love it when your little girl decides she's afraid of something she's done a million times? I find that once mine decides she's afraid of it, she will always be afraid of it. Aaaah!!!!!!!

I just loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

somebody said...