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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bryan's Dream...

Awhile ago I asked for prayer for Bryan Newell. He was the man that was shot in the neck while protecting his girlfriend from robbers. He is currently paralyzed from the chest down but he has a walk again! He goes to therapy 3 times a week but it hasn't been enough. His 4 year old son asks him often "daddy when will you walk again?" God has brought so much good out of this tragedy already. Bryan has turned his heart to God and we rejoice in that but I believe there is more rejoicing to come. You see, Bryan has the incredible opportunity to have an operation done that has had much success with cases just like his. Others who are now walking! This Doctor has decided to waive his fees and donate his time to do this operation on Bryan. The only costs will be the other things, the things that add up quickly, like hospital fees, supplies, anesthesia, etc. The cost is enormous....$40,000.00! I know, it sat me back on my heels too! However, God is bigger than that amount. My God owns a cattle on a thousand hills and that's just a small drop in His economy! He's proven Himself able to do more than I have ever thought was possible in our life by allowing our family, living on one income, to adopt 4 children!! So, I believe totally and completely that He already has this all figured out for Bryan but the cool part is that we can be a part of His plan. I can't wait to see Bryan carrying his son in his arms as he WALKS into the skatepark! With God ALL things are possible. Hallelujah!

The Underground Skatepark ( is working on getting together a fundraising event to help Bryan with these costs. Let me tell you that we are so blessed to be a part of this ministry but even more so, to know Dave and Karen (the owners) as dear friends. Talk about hearts as big as Texas! :) So, as soon as something is solid I will post the information so that if you want to give you can but no matter what, I ask that you would continue to pray for Bryan, Jenna, and Keyan.