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Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Get Too Comfortable...

That's my lesson for today.

Ever since Kyalynn came home she has had issues with food. Mostly with being able to chew! We've had too many times of her choking on her food and seriously I am hyper paranoid about her and food. There have been 2 times that stand out in my memory where I thought for sure we weren't going to get the food dislodged and lose our little girl. Whew! So, ALL of her food is cut up into tiny bitesize pieces and there are still certain foods she can't have because she will swallow them whole instead of chewing them. Not a good thing! LOL! Anyways, she has been doing so much better lately. In fact, we have reduced our alert status to low. Before, everytime she ate meals or snacks we were ALWAYS on HIGH alert. Reminding her to chew, get a drink, etc. It's funny, because now when she coughs she says "oh, are you alright?" to herself. She also reminds herself by saying "chew it up" alot. :) One time a guy that worked with Sean was here for lunch when Kyalynn started choking. You should have seen the look on his face! Sean was rushing to get to Kyalynn and his chair fell over, the rest of us were immediately beside her and after she was fine we all remembered Travis. He sat their with such a bewildered look on his face. LOL! When he finally spoke it was something like this "Wow, there's too much action here for me." LOL!

Lately though she has been doing well and so unfortunately it put me in a much more relaxed mode during mealtimes. Today I realized again that I can not get too comfortable. I must be so much more alert with these little ones. I had gotten everyone their food and was just heading into the bathroom when I felt this nudge in my spirit like something was wrong. Ryan and I were talking and as I continued talking to him I glanced over at the kids at the table. Connor's back was to me and I have no idea how I knew but I did. He was choking! I rushed to his side, dug the food out of his throat and then hugged him and wept. He is fine. Thank God! But you see, I am not. I realized that my life has never been and never will be about being too comfortable, and I am sad. Sometimes I yearn for no action, quietness, the ability to not have to be in hyper drive all the time......
God has called me to a BIG job here. I never, ever thought this would be my life or that I could ever do what I'm doing. It's only by the sheer grace of God, trust me! But this is my path and I will continue steadfastedly leaning completely on Him to get us through. I always said I wanted a life of adventure but somehow this wasn't what I had in mind. LOL! God is good, ALL the time!


crispy said...

How thankful you must be for the Spirit that alerts you when needed. And remember that God loves those little ones more than you do.

You just can't put your guard down. EVER. Sometimes I wish I could.

Acceptance with Joy said...

I got all teary... I used to be on hyper alert for my oldest. She is a tiny bit tongue tied.. which just means her tongue is not able to move so freely. She used to choke on everything.

Thankful your child is fine!

somebody said...