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Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Paychecks!

So I just printed out our first paychecks for the new business! It's exciting and scary all at the same time. LOL! Some how I was wrangled into the secretary/bookkeeper/go-to girl position. Not sure how that's all going to fly but I'll give it my best shot. LOL! I have the skills it's the time I lack. :)

Things are rolling on the job site and a house is coming together but not without excitement. On the third day (THE THIRD DAY!!) one employee nail-gunned his hand to the subfloor and had to make a trip to the local ER! He's fine (thank God!) but I could hear those Workmen's Comp. figures adding up. LOL!

The weather has been fairly decent and the guys are getting very nice tans! :) Sean is kept extra-busy maintaining things at the job site while also getting out other quotes and preparing estimates for future jobs. But yet, he still always finds time to do the really important things with us like dinner and bedtime routines. Kyalynn will yell unceasingly for her daddy to come and tuck her in and pray over her if he hasn't done so at that point. There's nothing like a daddy's tender love....

Also, if you could please keep Travis in your prayers. He is one of our employees and he is leaving tomorrow for his first ever missions trip. He's heading to Alaska for 2 weeks and will be putting his building skills to good use! So excited to see what God has planned for his life!!