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The Greatest Show on Earth...

What is that big smile for? Well, we were so blessed by grandma and grandpa to go to the circus on Sunday. This has been one of Connor's dreams for a long time. We had planned to go to a local circus last year but someone (I won't mention any names!) was not on his best behavior and we decided that the circus wasn't a good punishment. LOL! So....when my in laws offered for us to go I'll admit I was SO excited! LOL! I've never been to the real circus only some very small local ones so the chance to go to the real deal was wonderful! I did make the mistake of telling the kids early Tuesday morning and Kyalynn spent all week saying "Circus?!" everytime we got into the truck. She was so, so excited and when I went to get her up Sunday morning she was already dressed and ready to go. LOL! The circus was such a good motivator for Connor too as he has some behaviors that we have tried everything to curtail and nothing has worked. Well, that is until he learned that if he continued this one bad behavior he would not attend the circus with us. So, he worked hard and was able to attend with us...finally...he got to live his dream and go to the circus!!
Ok, so onto the show...
If you have never been to The Ringling Bros. Circus you must go. After seeing those other circuses Sean and I weren't sure we would like it but we were just as enthralled as the kids. LOL! They put on an excellent show. We were able to attend an Animal Open House and a Pre-Show before the circus started. It was high energy and such bright and beautiful colors it kept all the kids mesmerized. Towards the end, Nolan was getting fussy because he was hungry but he did very well up to that point. Grandma and Grandpa bought the kids a program and it's been read and re-read so many times already. We actually used it today in our devotions. We looked at a picture of one of the circus acts, discussed it, found the country they were from and then each of us prayed for them, their families, safety and of course, the circus! LOL!
I could go on and on telling you about the motorcycles (Connor's favorite part) or the miniature horses (Kyalynn's favorite part) or the ladies in their fancy clothes and high heeled pink boots (Gabriella's favorite part) or the man not only walking but dancing (really well!) on huge stilts! But I'll just say their slogan is was The Greatest Show on Earth!!


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