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Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's That Time Again...

Our second son, Ryan will soon be old enough to drive. Trust me, he reminds us of this daily! LOL! So he has been dreaming of his first vehicle for awhile. At first, the car of his dreams revolved around speed. You know, Camaro's, Firebirds, Mustangs, etc. He would tell us his first car was going to be one of the above and we would just smile and know that reality would kick in eventually. LOL! Then he realized how much these cars would cost and started thinking he would "settle for" something with less speed but more pizazz. The cool looking cars. Again, we just smiled. Reality, I'm glad to say, did kick in when he realized how much he had saved versus how much these vehicles costed. That's when he really started researching brands and types of vehicles. He can tell you about the various engines, gas mileage, etc. Too much information for my brain. LOL! He searched auto papers, Craigslist, and the internet for a used vehicle in his budget. And, I'm happy to report, he has found his dream car...NOT! But he has found a vehicle that runs, that he can afford, and he is happy and so are we. The other day he was so excited telling me all he plans to do to "his" truck. He already has it figured out what he will do first, then second, and so on according to how much he'll need and how much he has.

It's funny. I have lamented (whined!) for years that I wish we were more financially able to buy our kids more. When Zack bought his first vehicle Sean and I decided we would help him in researching and looking at his choices but HE would be the one to buy it. We did this for several reasons, the biggest being we couldn't afford to buy him a vehicle and add more debt to ourselves. The second reason was so he could learn to be financially responsible with big purchases. I'm happy to say that it was one of the best decisions we ever made! Zack bought his Jeep, pays for every drop of gas that goes into his tank, pays for his own insurance and all repairs and anything else that goes into "his baby". He has gained incredible financial maturity at such a young age. He has been saving for his first house for awhile now and has faithfully tithed and gave and saved as well. So, all that to say that I am glad that we weren't able to give him a car or help him with his car. NOT that that is wrong, it just wasn't and isn't feasible for us and God in all His grace has shown us that where we see lack (not being able to buy it for him) He has used it to be a benefit and blessing in Zack's life.

So, with it being that time again now with Ryan we are doing the same thing. I can't even tell you how excited Ryan was to hold "his" truck keys in his hands last night! :) It was the coolest thing! He has time yet before he can drive so he plans to be doing repairs and adding "bling" while he waits. He began a job last summer and has been working and saving this whole time. He has had to decide what is more important on his "wants" list the new camera lens or the vehicle. I believe he has chosen well. His face is just a'glowing today! LOL!