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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nolan Elijah Turns One!!

This is Kyalynn giving Nolan a birthday kiss. LOL!

Gabriella and Connor giving Nolan birthday hugs.

Here's looking at you kid. :)

I can hardly believe that our little man is one today! It's been a year filled with God's abundant blessings for sure! Nolan is the "cherry on top" for our family. We all adore him and enjoy watching him grow. He is such a squeezable chub-a-luv. :)

He is so smart! He can do sign language for hungry, more, cracker and cookie! He can't do these yet but does understand them; bird, mommy, daddy, kitty, and puppy. He LOVES being outside and first thing in the morning he loves to stand on my bed and look out the window. He is so photogenic, the camera just loves him. :)
For his birthday he received a fire truck that makes noise and has flashing lights. He loves it, as do the rest of the little's. LOL! Thanks Uncle Howie, Aunt Monica and cuz!! He also got some linking rings and a pack of Animal Baby movies that are wonderful! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!
I have been thinking of Nadirah (his birthmom) all day and just thanking God for her selfless gift! Praying also that He has touched her aching heart and gave her peace that her decision placed him into a loving family that just adores this precious boy!!
Little Nolan Elijah.....we love you with all of our hearts! Happy Birthday!!