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Have I ever mentioned that life with Ryan is NEVER dull?! Actually, I could say that about each of my kids! LOL! Anyways, Ryan entered some of his photos into a local art exhibit that runs from Saturday through this next week. They had a fancy reception today and we were brave and took the littles. Imagine, over 230 beautiful entries of oil, pencil, watercolors, sculptures, photography, and mixed media displayed on these standing racks. It all started off well. We oohed and aahed and oohed some more but then Ms. Kyalynn decided she had had enough! She began saying (VERY LOUDLY) "you have to pee?!" This is our cue that she is agitated and we should begin to exit....quickly. But no.....we were so engrossed in these gorgeous entries we ignored her. We were almost finished when we came across this very weird entry that was made with a clown puppet and it was just....odd. Well, Kyalynn must not of liked it either because she pushed on the standing racks and scared the heebee-jeebies out of me. I thought for sure all those entries were going to fall but thank God, none did. Sean made a hasty exit with Kyalynn in tow and all is well. Though, they might not allow us to enter the building next year if Ryan participates again. LOL! But I digress....this post is supposed to be about Ryan!

Ok, so Ryan had this bug bite on his arm since Friday. No big deal, right?! Well, he returned home from work last night around 10:00 and showed me his arm. It was very inflamed and swollen and it had a red line running from the cut around his arm. Sean lanced it open and poured Peroxide on it and we thought that would be good. BUT, within an hour the line had continued up his arm towards his shoulder and another line was starting to radiate from the bite. Now let me say that our Ryan is one tough cookie except for when it comes to medical stuff! He could NEVER work in the medical field! LOL! He was getting anxious because he's read enough Health and Safety books for school and actually did an Anatomy and Physiology book for school this year, that he knew this looked like blood poisoning. Did I mention that he used his pocketknife earlier in the day to open the bite, squeeze out the pus and then proceeded to use his mouth to siphon out any remaining junk in it?! Yeah, not good! Who's kid is this anyway?! I mean I am a total germophobe! So, back to the drama.... he was remembering what the symptoms were and how serious this could be and so after googling info and discussing the options we decided to just take him in to the ER to get checked. This is at 11:30ish at night! Poor Sean was tired and didn't really desire to spend hours in the ER but he's such a great dad he didn't complain (too much!) Ryan did indeed have the beginnings of blood poisoning so after 2 bags of IV antibiotics Ryan and Sean returned home around 2:30. Today Ryan is back to his old self. He has to take antibiotics for the next 7 days, 4 times a day! WOWZERS! So, the moral of this little story is NEVER use your dirty pocketknife to open a wound. Hopefully, Ryan has that figured out now! LOL!!


Tereasa said…
You know, this could be a pro-homeschooling testimony! Homeschool student saves own life (after putting it at risk). Tee-hee.

By the way, loved the story about the exhibit. Sometimes I think we have the same children, only mine would have gone to the car kicking and screaming!

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