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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Whether your baby is still in the womb or will soon be retiring,
Whether your children number 1 or 100,
Whether you are a single mom, working mom, or stay at home mom,
Whether you are sweet as syrup or bark like an Army General,
Whether you are a million-aire, thousand-aire or just a dollar-aire,
Whether your children wear the latest fashions or you just struggle to put clothes on their backs,
Whether you sleep on satin sheets or on a dirt floor,
Whether your baby grew in your belly or grew in your heart,
Whether your days are seamless or seemingly endless,
Whether your meals include the 4 food groups or only gruel,
Whether you are world famous or just a backwoods hillbilly,
Whether you wear high heels or go barefoot,
Whether you have your child's heart or you spend your days struggling to gain it,
Whether your child is perfect by this world's standards or only perfect in God's eyes,
Whether your child talks your ear off or can't speak at all,
Whether your child was dreamed of and planned for or was conceived by "mistake",
Whether you spend this day surrounded by family and adored or you spend it weeping and alone,
Know that there is One who sees you, mom, and He loves you very, very much!
For who you are,
Happy Mother's Day!!!!