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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You've Come A Long Way Baby...

Every time we go to the park Kyalynn sits at the top of this slide but refuses to go down. We've tried everything to get her to go down by herself but she knows what she wants to do, and what she doesn't want to do and going down is on her list of doesn't want to's. LOL! She has no problem going down on my lap or pushing her brother or sister down the slide and laughing hysterically but, nope! she's not going down on her own steam. LOL!

She has only gone down this slide all by herself one other time and that was after a small boy (about 2 years old) went down first and she just up and went down. We shouted and cheered and high fived her but alas, that was the ONLY time she did it. So, here we are at the park and there she is at the top of the slide and I'm telling her to come down, etc. and she surprised the spit out of me by ACTUALLY doing it! Then she proceeded to go down that slide and the other big one too over and over again. WOO HOO Kyalynn!! Then she also got up the gumption to climb the bars! Wowzers! I'll admit though that I was climbing up behind her the first couple of times with Nolan on my hip because I was worried she would fall off. She did good!

My precious girl....I just LOVE your spirit! You go Girl!!


crispy said...

This reminds me of Tally when she was little. We would go to the mall, pay our dollar and get on the merry go round / carousel. She would cry, we would get our dollar back and get off. Then watch it go. It took years before she would ride it.

Kind of wish she were little like that again. =)

somebody said...