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Friday, June 26, 2009

Compelled By Love...

This is a book by Heidi Baker. If you don't know who Heidi Baker is you MUST find out about what God is doing through her and her husband, Rolland, in Mozambique! Amazing stuff!! I am not very far into the book yet but it has captured me in such a powerful way. The book is all about "How to change the world through the simple power of love in action." And boy, oh boy, do I need to learn how to do that! I love to hear about miracles, how God moves and transforms and heals. I totally believe God is all about miracles, even today. I love this..."I believe Jesus meant that poor in spirit is a posturing of the heart where one is wholly given, fully yielded, completely desperate, and totally dependent on God alone."

Heidi Baker is coming to a church in my area this August. She will be speaking with a host of other dynamic women at the Beautiful One Conference. I am begging Sean to allow me to go. Women of Faith is only a couple of weeks before this so I'm not sure if we'll be able to work it out but I just feel like I need to be there. Pray for favor, will ya?! :)