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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dinosaur Hunt...

The kids LOVED this which of course tickled me! So, I gathered a bunch of books about dinosaurs. Some were funny, some educational, some were just good stories. We started by reading about dinosaurs and palentologists and then we proceeded to the dinosaur hunt. I filled the sandbox with peat moss because I didn't have any sand. I had buried dog bones in various sizes in the peat moss. I gave each of them a bag and a paintbrush (because the real palentologists use paintbrushes to clean the dirt from the bones) and set them loose. There was loud whoops and yells when the first big bone was found (by Connor) and then the girls were determined they were going to find a big bone too! LOL! They all did, including Nolan (who decided the bones looked good enough to eat! LOL!) After the bone hunt they were all covered in dirt so we made our way to the yard where I had placed a bunch of plastic dinosaurs. The game was they had to run up and pick up the kind of dino I called out and run back before they were sprayed by the geyser (me and the hose). This was Connor's favorite part. :)
They actually carried their bones in the bags with them everywhere and in fact, were STILL carrying them around and playing with them today. Who knew that a bunch of dirt and bones could keep these kids happy for so long?! They have counted them, endlessly. They have played grocery store with them. They have even pretended they were happy meals from Old Macdonald's (McD's!) Our dog has been following the kids around alot more lately, hmmm, could be the bones. LOL!
Nolan loved playing in the peat moss and was quite content there. You should have seen Sean's face when he came home from work that night and saw his kids covered in dirt, sweat, and smiles. (He never knows what to expect with me. :)) Anyways, he took one look at the kids and said, someone must have had a dinosaur hunt today. They thought that was great that he guessed what they did and proceeded to tell him all about it. So I chalk this one up as a big success and am already thinking of when to surprise them with the Pirate Treasure Hunt!!

This was after the water fun and they went right back to the dig site. LOL!
Connor displaying his rare dinosaur finds. :0) Doesn't he look the part in his hat?

Miss G showing off her bounty. A note about the hats...I told them to go find a hat and put it on because Palentologists wear hats to keep the sun out of their eyes. Don't ask me why she picked this one but no matter, she is adorable in anything.

The dig in process.

The books we read to get us started.