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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Zachary chose the Texas Roadhouse for his graduation dinner. Sean and I had never been there and I was stressing a bit as to how it would go with the little's with not going out to eat at restaurants very often. But actually, it went fine. The Roadhouse was LOUD and so my kids screaming (that would be Gabriella!) didn't faze anyone but me! LOL! The waitresses did line dancing and Kyalynn loved watching them and then she even stood beside the booth and tried her own version. LOL!
Then we all came back to our house and had gifts, prayer for Zack and his future and yummy dessert. LOL!
The little's were so excited about the gift part. They had to help rip open the paper and oohed and aahed over it all. LOL! Zack is such an excellent big brother. I'm proud of all his accomplishments but that one tops them all.....BIG BROTHER EXTRADONAIRE!!!