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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Look At That Smile...

This was from Connor's Gotcha Day Celebration. This outfit came with him from Korea 4 years ago! I was astonished it still fit for the most part. He was so excited to try it on and to watch his movie of when we met him at the airport. I know it sounds hard to believe but he still has many vivid memories of Korea. (He came home at 2 1/2 years old) He loved smelling his clothes he wore in Korea, his backpack that contained snacks prepared for the long flight to America and the memory those smells conjure up. He was transported back in time....back to Korea. I cried watching him remember, all the emotions that crossed his face. We, of course, told his story and how he came to be in our family. (He loves this story and can almost tell it word for word!) and when it was time for bed he said "I'm glad you and daddy said yes when God asked you to adopt a little boy." Me too Connor, me too. The journey hasn't been easy but oh how incomplete our lives would be without this little dynamo in it! He has been given the best gift know that Jesus loves him so much he brought him the whole way across the world and into our family so that he could learn about Him and know Him as his Savior!!!