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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Morning At The Park...

We have been heading out early each morning to take Ryan to work. The first morning I was able to have everyone fed so after we dropped Ryan off we headed to the park. It was a beautiful day and the play area was empty. There is an old train there that Kyalynn especially loves. She spent a good 15 minutes pretending she was a train going up and down the fake tracks. She was in her glory toot-tooting and singing "down by the station" to herself. LOL!
By the time we were heading out the park had filled up with lots of moms and their little ones to enjoy the day. Now everytime we drop Ryan off Kyalynn thinks we should go to the park but I haven't been as successful with getting everyone fed before we go so we just head home instead, much to Kyalynn's chagrin. If I look into my rearview mirror as we drive home there is Connor and Gabriella with their hands over their ears because Kyalynn's chagrin includes weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Ok, not the teeth part but you get the picture!LOL!)
Hey, I figure if I can do it once a week that's pretty darn good. Getting 4 little ones dressed, fed and out the darn looking half decent is a major undertaking for me, especially at that time in the morning! LOL!