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Where Does The $$ Go?...

This is from Brandi's Blog. For those of you skeptical of where the $$ goes and if it's "worth" it please read on:

Details, Details, Details

Figured I'd fill you in on the nuts and bolts that people have asked about for FEED THE FORGOTTEN! (note: please write "feed the forgotten" in the notes section when you give)

80% of all the money you send goes directly to Uganda. 20% stays in the US to cover admin costs and wiring fees. (this is the standard according to the ECFA of which HopeChest is a part)

Joseph, the HopeChest country director, will be handling the distribution of the food. He will work closely with village leaders, pastors and the leadership of the Teso Widows Project in that area to determine the families in most need (child headed households, widows and their children and people living with HIV) and adequately distribute the food.

The first 3 villages targeted are: Kapelebyong, Usuk (also known as Adacar) and Ngariam. The pictures you will see were all taken at Usuk/Adacar in the Katakwi District. These villages were chosen because they are potential carepoint sites!!! Yes, that means YOUR church/community could get involved long term. We are looking to have a community (one church, a group of churches, an online community--this could just be all of us if there are enough people interested in sponsoring 150-300 kids. . let me know--or even business) to sponsor an entire orphan community. . i.e. THESE VILLAGES! Carepoints will provide FOOD and JESUS!!!! hello! Isn't that pretty much what we are desperately praying for these villages?!

This way, each of the villages receiving food will not just have a "one time gift" from us, but we get to be involved LONG TERM!!! For now though. . they need FOOD. Will you help?

Remember: $0.14 provides one meal this means. . .
$1.40 provides 10 meals
$14.00 provides 100 meals
$140 provides 1,000 meals
$1400 provides 10,000 meals
$14,000 provides 100,000 meals

Each one of us can give. For some, God is calling us to provide 10 meals. . for others it may be 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 or even 100,000 meals. . .just ACT as GOD calls you to act. "they" (not sure exactly who) say that if you don't act within 48 hours of hearing about something you never will.

So, a choice lays before you. People are hungry. . strike that. . .WE get hungry waiting for our next meal. . .THEY are STARVING . . .literally, to death. What will you do? Will you give of your abundance and send an extra $5 to HopeChest. Heck, most of us could find at LEAST $1.40 if not $14 just in change around our house. Better yet, will you give out of your sacrifice? Like Angel and her kiddos who gave up pizza so a WHOLE FAMILY could eat for 20 days ($20). Or Wendi, who gave up a drink at a fast food restaurant knowing that the cost would provide 10 meals. Or many friends across the nation who are giving up their $5 starbucks run to feed others.
(note: please write "feed the forgotten" in the notes section when you give)

Will you forget? Or, will you choose to FEED THE FORGOTTEN?

Psalm 107:5-6 says, " 5They were hungry and thirsty; Their soul fainted within them. 6Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble; He delivered them out of their distresses"

I am praying this verse for the families of the Kapelebyong, Usuk (also known as Adacar) and Ngariam Villages and thanking God for the opportunity to be used by HIM to be a part of HIS DELIVERANCE. As you give, stop for a moment and dwell on that. . God is choosing to use you as a part of His deliverance. Oh Jesus THANK YOU for the opportunity to join you where you are at work.


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