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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Bee Tree...

We only have 1 tree that has branches low enough and close enough together for the kids to climb. We call it the climbing tree. Anyhow, Connor was in the tree one minute and the next he was screaming at the top of his lungs and running towards the house. He had bees swarming around his head and his arms, stomach and legs were covered with yellow jackets! He came running into the house and then we had bees flying around our basement. I shooed him outside and began hosing him down with water as he alternated between screaming and hitting himself because the bees were stinging him. It took awhile because there were ALOT of bees stuck to him. Thank God he had jeans on and not shorts!! When every bee was off of his clothes he went to take his shirt off and bees flew out of the inside of his shirt! Poor Connor. He has stings on his back, his chest, stomach, fingers and arms. It could have been much worse for certain. Thank God he is not allergic to them. When Sean and Zack came home I asked them to go annihilate the bees as Kyalynn wouldn't understand to not go in the climbing tree and she could be stung up as well. Zack and Sean were brave soldiers, armed with a variety of killing things. However, the bees got the best of them and sent Zack careening down the bank several times and he ended up with one going up his pantsleg and stinging him 3-4 times! But, they are gone!

I was trying to understand where the bees came from as all the kids spend a great deal of time in this tree and hadn't been bothered before by the bees. Upon further discussion we found out what had angered these yellow jackets. Connor had. You see, he saw a bee fly out of their hole and thought he would agitate them with a stick. Um....not a good choice! Hopefully, Connor won't do that again! LOL! But then again...who knows. :)