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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flowers in the Garden...

The flowers were growing in the garden. Each one was lovely in it's own beautiful way. The gardener tenderly nurtured each flower, watering and pruning them every day. The roses were beautiful, vibrant and a deep, rich, red color. The daisies had their own special delight to the gardener as he watched them grow and blossom into delicate treasures.
The gardener especially loved the chrysathemums. How sturdy and independent they seemed as they towered about the other flowers. Their colors sparkled in the sunshine and cheered the gardener's heart each time he looked at them.
And there was the special little flower. The one that didn't grow and fit in with the rest of the garden. And, for some reason, it didn't quite grow the same way as the other flowers. It took quite a bit more care from the gardener as it struggled to fit in. It would grow a little sideways and the gardener would set a stake about it to sturdy its way. Then it would do something special and unique, like struggle to bloom and show it's beautiful colors, very different from the other flowers. It was truly heart warming in its own God-given way.
The gardener would smile and appreciate every aspect of that little flower's life. Oh, how he loved that little flower. He could see it spin and toil day after day and yet it never really measured up to the other flowers in the garden.
Sometimes the gardener would grieve because he had tended to that little flower so diligently, spent even more time with it than the other flowers, yet it never really fit in. (Of course, the little flower never knew that.) Instead it blossomed and grew right along with the other flowers and basked in the Son shine and in the love bestowed upon it by that faithful gardener.
How many mothers and fathers are wasting their days in grief and mourning as they wish for their precious disabled child to be different, to fit in, to have a "normal" life like everyone else. As they tended their "little flower" they can never be truly content because that beautiful creation God has entrusted to them cannot ever be like the other children who laugh and play so freely. Instead of resting in God's plan for their lives and for the life of their little special needs treasure, they spin and toil and struggle to make that sweet child "normal".
They feel pity, they greive over and over again the fact that their child cannot do all the things that the other children do. And it pains them deeply that the other children do not include their child in every activity, every party, every social event. They fail to relish each moment their child is included and instead grow bitter. Can they realize that it isn't God's plan for this "little flower" to be just like the others around them?
They are very beautiful in their own way, a special delicate child created in God's image, to be cherished, nurtured and appreciated. There is no need to strive to make these treasures fit in. Just sit back and enjoy their special beauty and relish each moment of their life as they take a different path than the others. Let them teach us, truly of God's beauty and innocence. Let's honor them, protect them, enjoy them, just as they are!
~Anonynous writer~