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I Was Blind But Now I See...

I have read alot of books about health over the years. In fact, my bookshelves are full of them. I try for awhile to incorporate new recipes, ideas and techniques only to fall back into old patterns rather quickly. Truth is, most of the family doesn't feel the same way I do about getting healthy and are like a bunch of stubborn mules digging their heels in, not wanting change. LOL! Another stumbling block is the higher expense of eating healthy, especially when you have alot of mouths to feed. :)

So imagine my surprise when I see my friend Jill has wrote a book about health. I was intrigued but truthfully wasn't expecting it to change my life. Boy, was I wrong!! You need to go check out her health blog and then you need to order her book.

I can not say enough about it. It is so thorough and eye opening. She gives detailed explanations about our body, how it works, why it works the way it does, and God's perfect health design for each of us. Knowing the "whys" help me to understand and apply the "hows" better. I have not finished the book yet as I am really trying to soak it all in and let it sink into my brain. I so want to live the rest of my life healthy and whole and I know God is going to use this book powerfully in my life and in so many others as well. It is THAT good!

I have already made a trip to the health food store and bought some basic items. Like vitamins for the kids that don't contain all the chemicals and unnatural things that the Walmart brand did that we've been giving them. I purchased some other things Jill recommended for us too. It's only a start but at least it's a start. Nolan is loving Hempseed Milk and I love that it's not dairy! (I am not a big dairy proponent! :)) One factoid that I just love and have already used a couple of times, is the fact that we don't need to drink milk for calcium. Over the years when I have stated how bad dairy is for us the question always was asked "what about calcium?" Well, as Jill states in her book, the cow, gorilla, elephant and giraffe all eat grass and that's how they build strong bones. Why do we think we need to drink milk?! Good stuff, good stuff.

She has wonderful testimonies on her blog and in her book and I can't wait to add mine! One thing that I'd advise is to buy the book. I was cheap and did the e-book but really wished I had just paid the money and bought the actual book. It's all good though. I just printed out the book, all 298 pages of it! Um, yeah, Sean said it would have been cheaper just to buy it, what with the ink and all the paper I used. LOL!! So, take my advice, buy the book. My pages are already full of highlighter and notes. Just imagine how good health could feel. Breaking Free shows you how and does it with a Godly perspective. Let's Break Free together....your body will thank you!! :)


Tereasa said…
I will definitely check this out! I am a bit of a health food freak. We are wonderfully made and have been given such awesome resources by our creator. I am currently researching to formulate my health plan for Bam-Bam now that we have a diagnosis.

I am good at putting good things in our bodies and even keeping bad things out of my children. Sadly, I am not good at keeping the bad stuff out of my own body!!

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