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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Musings Today...

We drive Ryan to work each morning and unfortunately the road we travel is undergoing major construction which means.....long delays. So Kyalynn has decided the last two days that the wait is much too long for her and so she voices her opinion VERY loudly. Poor Connor and Gabriella's ears as they sit beside her in the back. Well, this morning we had to wait about 15 minutes for it to be our turn to go and let me just say that a screaming, melting down child is all you need to get your adrenaline pumping for the day! LOL! No coffee needed for me! We did survive but her melt down lasted about 15 more minutes after we were home and so she spent them in her room because honestly, this mommy had had ENOUGH! LOL! I do believe Kyalynn's rise in tantrums are partly our fault. You see, we have decided that what she eats or doesn't eat plays a HUGE part in her behaviors. I know there are a variety of opinions on this but we can see the difference in her pretty quickly. For the most part she gets no dairy which is pretty easy to make work because she doesn't like milk and we buy soy cheese for her to eat. It's very rare that she gets yogurt or ice cream or such. However, and herein lies our fault.....Walmart no longer sells her soy cheese and so for the last couple of weeks she has been getting regular cheese and the boys have been giving her their Doritoes which are coated in cheese. I keep meaning to get to another store to buy her cheese but haven't been brave enought to do it with the 3 little's and a tantrumming autistic child. :) Guess I'll need to make the trip one evening while Sean has the kiddos.

On another note, Nolan has found my baking cupboard. Sean caught him a couple of days ago playing in the baking soda and he then relocated the box to a high shelf. Well yesterday I come into the kitchen and found little man with the whole box of baking soda poured out onto the floor and a big smile on his face. Apparently, I had 2 boxes and he found the other one behind the other baking stuff. LOL! So we cleaned it up (he loves sweeping so he helped. LOL!) and then today I walk into the kitchen and find Nolan with the cornstarch box!! Oh my!! LOL! Perhaps we have a future baker in our midst. :)

About 11:30 last night I walk upstairs to go to bed and am greeted with an overwhelming smell of poop. Um, yeah....someone thought their underpants were the potty. I won't mention any names but suffice it to say I was not a happy camper. Said person was required to clean up the floor, the mess, clean the underpants, and change the sheets and pillowcase on their bed. Good times, my friends, good times!!

My oldest son's girlfriend has been vacationing with her parents the last week and a half and so Zack has been moping around. Actually it's been good because we've seen more of him than usual! LOL! He's counting down the days until you come home Ericka!!!!!

I guess that's all my musings for now. There are 3 children playing in their pool yelling for mommy to come join them and I believe I will. :)