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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Playground...

We don't have much in the way of grass or flat areas around our home so we play on the pipeline and in the woods alot. Nothing builds balance and confidence like walking on a fallen tree. :) It also helps us to use our imaginations as we pretend that we are rescuing monkeys from the quicksand and jaguars stuck too high in a tree. Our dog, Mordecai, always plays the part of the friendly warthog as he is gray and resembles a warthog to the little's I am guessing. LOL! I love to hear the stories they make up of the animals that need rescued and to see them running, jumping and climbing their way to becoming heroes to those imagined animals.


crispy said...

Just wondering if you get lots of bugs and ticks in the woods there? It always seems to be a drawback of time out in the woods.

Sean and Lisa said...

Yes. We have an over abundance of those tiny gnat thingies that bite and really do a whopper on the kids, even with bug spray! They get huge welts on their arms from them.
As far as ticks, yes we have them but we bathe the kids each night and always check them thoroughly. We've had a couple just walking on them and Gabriella had one stuck in but that's it so far. Thank God!!

Tereasa said...

Your playground would thrill Charlotte Mason! I currently have a nature study post in the works. You might enjoy it!

Our favourite parks don't have slides, but lush grassy hills to roll down!

somebody said...