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Monday, July 13, 2009

Out with the old, In with the new....

It was a sad day for us on Saturday as we watched Old Red get loaded up and hauled away to the junkyard. I hummed the "Taps" song as he left down the driveway. He lived a very full life but at the end he wasn't even able to start. Zachary was a faithful owner who poured way too much money into him trying to revive him but he finally admitted that it was time to put the poor old chap out of his misery. He will be missed!! However, Zachary has purchased a new set of wheels that make this Jeep seem like a Cadillac! BIG, huge difference. Old Red was rough and tough this new Jeep is smooth and sporty. Sean and I both had to take it for a test drive right away. I LOVE it! I am a Jeep girl! In fact, when I was 15 I begged and pleaded for my parents to buy me a Jeep. On the way to the beach my mom and I passed the Jeep of my dreams. So when Sean and my dad came down later that week we told them all about the Jeep and harangued them into going to talk to the owner. Now this wasn't just any Jeep, this was a thing of beauty! It was PINK! That's right, pink. It was a very old CJ-7 with no frills of any sort. Aaah, just perfect except for the price. She wasn't willing to budge at all and my dad wasn't willing to pay a mint for a Jeep that wasn't worth it's salt. So, my dreams were short lived and I cried the whole ways home from the beach. :( But flash forward a bit with me and you will see that my dad did give me my dream...sort of. LOL! He surprised me with an ORANGE jeep. Oh boy how excited I was! I drove that beater all around the Lake where we lived. It needed a muffler and it was LOUD but I LOVED that. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks things started going amiss. I can't remember all of the problems it had but I do remember that when the brakes gave out my dad got rid of it. So I lived a couple weeks of Jeep bliss. LOL! I could never afford a Jeep on my own so I ended up with a small car but when my boy bought his first Jeep those memories came full circle. I love that Zack is a Jeep guy, a country boy, a chip off the old block. :) Aaah! There's nothing like a Jeep!!