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Monday, August 3, 2009

Before I Die...

Alinafe ~ Malawi

Before I die there is one thing I want to do. You know how people have lists of things they want to accomplish, places they want to see, people they want to meet? Well my list only consists of one thing and all of the above is encompassed in it.
Yep, that sums it up for me. Just the word grips my heart and makes my pulse quicken. I desperately desire to go to Africa. All those years ago when I spoke these words to God, "Here I am, send me", I truly thought He would send me to Africa to be a missionary. I've heard stories of people afraid to mumble those words for fear that God would send them to Africa and here I was, longing to be sent. LOL!

What do I want to accomplish? I want to go so that I can give a drink of water, or feed a starving child, or just hold someone and soak them with love.

The people I want to meet...well my heart is for the children especially. The orphans. I just want to hold them, love them, bless them.

My dear friend Dana and I share this same desire, same passion. We talk about taking a missions trip there together someday. However, we are afraid if we go we won't want to come home and we know that our hearts will forever be torn in two. One part here at home and the other part with the children in Africa.

So imagine my surprise and genuine delight when my sweet in laws sponsored a child on our family's behalf from......AFRICA!

She has become our African daughter. Her name is Alinafe. The little's are calling her Ali for short because it's easier to say. LOL! When they looked at her picture they said "why does she look so sad?" It is opening up a whole new world to them. We will use this to teach them how blessed they are and about the needs of children in other parts of the world, but especially, in Africa. Connor has already written her a letter and we have been praying for her. Connor asked when she will come "home" to us. I explained that she won't but that we can love her, write her, pray for her and send her gifts and maybe someday even visit her. Her mommy and daddy are not alive and so we have "adopted" her into our family. Wouldn't that be awesome if someday I/we could meet precious Alinafe?! I'm already praying THAT into existence. LOL!

She is from Malawi and is 4 1/2 years old. Thank you to my in laws for gifting us in such a precious, precious way! I love how they love us.


Dana said...

We may be very old and gray by the time we make it to Africa, but we'll make it one of these days!!!!!!!!

Beth E. said...

Praying for you! Thanks so much for praying for me. :-)

Tereasa said...

FYI, You cannot go to Africa without me!! I have always wanted to work in Africa. I decided at eight years old that I wanted to be a missionary when I met missionaries from Africa. I have cried, "Here am I, Send me," so many times. I was even on a team headed for Kenya, but ended up in Ecuador instead...which was good because I came home early and met my husband! After all these years, Africa has never left my heart. So... don't forget about me!!!

Tim said...

Thanks for following at The Fort. You have a great blog here, and I will look forward to coming back.

I will pray that God shows you His will as you seek His direction for Africa.

Please feel free to visit The Fort anytime. You might even want to join in with us in Vlogemotions and Goodies but Oldies! Both carnivals will bring you allot of new readers to share with!

Love and Prayers,


crispy said...

I can heart has a sweet smile on it when I think of Africa too.

Amy said...

Bring me too!!! Isn't it awesome how God puts people and places into our hearts? People and places we have never met or seen and yet they are there- larger than life and they are calling... Praying for you!!

somebody said...