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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One night after work Zachary and Travis decided to build a Spud Gun. They bought all the pieces and came home and put it together in record time. Then they tried it out. KABOOM! It was SO loud. It brought all the little's out to the porch to watch. LOL! It was actually very fun to watch the boys having a blast shooting potatoes all over the mountain. LOL! They also shot apples which, of course, the deer loved. :) I have heard of spud guns but never saw one before. This was not what I had imagined. It was so much bigger and LOUDER. LOL! The guys even made it so it has interchangeable barrels. You can either shoot using the 1" or the 2" barrel. How cool is that?!
To make the gun shoot they spray hairspray into the chamber and then close the lid quickly so the fumes stay in and then you push the ignitor button on the side and hang on because it has a kick. LOL! This thing could do serious damage to someone or something. For instance, Travis mentioned the time he shot it at the backboard of his basketball net and put a hole straight through it. Uh-Oh. LOL! So, although really fun definately not made for children or irresponsible teens.
So a whole bag of potatoes and several apples later they packed it in and called it a night. Hey guys, thanks for the entertainment. :)