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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How he loves us....

My man loves us so much. Here is proof positive....

That's right my friends, chickens! Do you remember my sweet hubby is NOT an animal guy? Do you remember that he didn't want the bunnies our eldest son brought home for the kids but allowed them anyway? Do you remember that he allowed us to get a puppy years ago and he loves that dog as much as us?! He says his idea of pets are fish. LOL!
So let me tell you the story... I have wanted chickens for about a year but knew I had to do some reading up on how to take care of them and all that. I also knew I needed to build a coop and that would be awhile until that was accomplished so they have been on the back burner of my mind. Well, couple weekends ago my mom calls because a friend of theirs has chickens and offered to help us get started. So after discussing it with Sean we decided to give it a go. My hubby, if you remember, was busy trying to get our pool installed but he then switched gears and has been working instead on a chicken coop. Now this man is a builder. He can't just throw something together it has got to be something he can be proud of. He has hammer and nails in his blood. LOL! These chickens are living high on the hog. LOL! Seriously! He outdid himself, as usual. I joked and said maybe they will lay golden eggs having such a nice place to call home. :)
We brought our brood (6 hens and a rooster) home on Sunday night. They didn't want to go into the coop Sunday night and slept under the coop instead. There was no way I was getting in there to pull them out so I just prayed a hedge of protection around them instead and went to bed. I was up at least 4 times checking on them though because we live in fox, bear and raccoon territory and I was worried something would get them. God protected them and last night we got them to go into the coop for bed. (A little water does wonders! LOL!)
Kyalynn adores them and is constantly down at the coop talking, singing and feeding them acorns. This girl LOVES animals and they love her right back. Connor and Gabriella were more interested in figuring out how to unlock the doors and help the chickens escape. Doesn't that sound like fun? Chasing chickens through the woods? Um, nope. Not happening on my watch. LOL!
I've taken to calling the chickens my girls and have found myself talking to them quite a bit. Who knew chickens could be such great listeners?! LOL!
Thanks honey, you're the BEST!!! xoxoxoxxoxo


Tereasa said...

Oh wow! What a blessing!! I grew up with chickens (and lots of other animals) and have always wanted some for our children. Sadly, we can't have any where we currently live. Someday...

crispy said...

What a good man you have to let you have all those animals. The coop is great looking.

Jennifer said...

I love it!!!!

My hubby..very similar to yours..was building an addition on ours for some ducks :)

I love having chickens!!!!

Jennifer...who has been known to pray a hedge of protection too!!!

somebody said...