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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Spy...

A sign of my teen son diligently working on getting his first vehicle up and running.

A broken bench that is a reminder to me that nothing lasts forever except for all the good memories! This bench has been with Sean and I since our 2nd year of marriage. It has travelled from our first home to this one, been skateboarded on one too many times (LOL!), has been a place of family discussions, watching the sunset and the fireflies, and a quiet refuge of prayer.

Our kittens who remind me that sometimes all you need is a good nap. :)

Flowers that remind me to bloom where I am planted no matter how rocky the soil.

And leaves remind me that the seasons change so quickly. Up here on the mountain, spring comes late and fall comes early. So trying to delight in every last minute of summer...