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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mountain Happenings....

Last week held much anticipation for Kyalynn. It was my mom's birthday and anyone who knows Kyalynn knows she LOVES birthdays. It doesn't matter whose it is, in her book it is a grand day to eagerly look forward to. :) So, she began counting down to grammy's birthday. Each day she would say "grammy's birthday is Wednesday". We had a picnic supper/cookout at the local state park for my mom. Kyalynn gobbled down her food and couldn't wait to sing Happy Birthday which she did with gusto! LOL! Then 3 of the little's splashed and played in the icy cold creek water for a bit. BRRRRR..... I tried to take a picture of the whole gang but it was too dark and it didn't turn out. I love it when we are ALL together. We had our family plus Ericka and Hannah, my brother and his family and my parents. What a crew! LOL!

Sean was out of town on business from Monday thru Wednesday and I was eagerly anticipating his return. :) Anyone with RAD children know that when a parent is gone it causes quite a bit of upheaval and you'd best be ready 'cuz they will come at you full bore and Connor didn't disappoint. It was a very difficult couple of days and it took me some time to get my feet back under me. I took some time today to just go take a hike and sit, pray and contemplate so that I am strong heading into this new week. Lord, help me! :)

I have been "on the fence" with what to do with Connor for this school year. Honestly, a part of me wants to send him to school just so I can have some time away from him, I know that sounds horrid, but it's where I'm at right now. Sean and I have talked through the pros and cons and prayed for direction but still don't feel a peace about sending him so I guess I will "pull up my big girl panties" and keep plodding on until God speaks differently. Please pray for me, for us, if you think of it.

This weekend Sean and I discussed what to do for our anniversary which is coming up quick. Originally, we had planned to take a cruise to celebrate this one...the big 20th!!!! However, considering our various situations and concerns we will forego that for a couple more years...hmmm, maybe our 3oth?! So what to do, what to do? I have some ideas brewing in my head but would love to hear any of your ideas as well.

We went to Bass Pro on Saturday so the kids could look at all the dead animals. LOL! They were able to name most of the mounted animals and loved the fish tank full of HUGE fish. LOL!

And last but not least, my eldest son, Zack, and his precious girlfriend, Ericka, are cooking us dinner tonight. How sweet is that?! I can hear them in the kitchen working and laughing and it does this momma's heart good! :) Mmmm, can't wait to taste it, it sure smells yummy!

Here's to another week full of God's mercy, strength, grace and abundant love....


Anonymous said...

Completely off the subject. I ordered the book Breaking free. I am really excited about gettig started with the fast. Have you done this yet? If so how was it? Thanks for directing me to it!!
Kim :)

Kim said...

By the way, GREAT love letter. I look forward to reading it often:) It makes me smile and cry. How lucky we are to have a Father that loves us completely just the way he made us!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

The school decision is tough. You could always give it a try and see how it goes. I know Nancy Thomas says school for RAD kids is good. I don't know....

NeeCee said...

I stumbled onto your blog and I'm so glad I did. I also have a RAD child and right now, we are having issues resulting from him spending the night with his cousins. It has thrown him into a downward spiral and completely turned our house upside down.

It is good to find another homeschool family who is praying for and dealing with a RAD child. I don't feel quite so alone.

I will pray for yours if you will pray for mine. :0)

somebody said...