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Friday, August 21, 2009

Rescue Center...

This ostrich was a hoot! She just thought she was "all that". LOL! She came right up to us and then proceeded to follow us around her area. Kyalynn liked her and even sang her a song. :)

This was Kyalynn's favorite part....the giant tortise.(sp?!) She wanted to get in there with them and love on 'em but I didn't think the staff nor the turtles would appreciate that. LOL!
I asked Sean last Saturday if we could go to the zoo. Ok, ok, I begged really. I LOVE the zoo but it makes for a very long day what with the 2+ hour drive and then to really see it all and the drive home. Sean wasn't really up for a whole day thing so we decided to go to the Rescue Center not too far from our home. It isn't huge but they have quite a selection of animals. The stories of how the animals came to live at the center are very interesting. Alot of the animals were originally bought as babies and when they grew and began destroying the owner's stuff and costing large amounts of money to feed the owners tried to get rid of them in various ways. Gigi the alligator was thrown into a lake and when a dad and his son were fishing they caught Gigi! Wow! That would be some fish story, huh?!
One of the monkeys was used as a lab animal. They tested an implanted contraceptive on her for years.
There were two lion cubs caged together. When they were about 6 months old the zoo no longer had a use for them and so were getting rid of them. Apparently this is very common for zoos. When the animal is little, cute and cuddly they draw a large crowd but as they grow the zoo spectators interest wanes and they need to remove these animals to make room for the next big crowd pleaser. These lions are now 5 years old. They have been at the center since they were 6 months old. The first 3 years they were there they continued to growl at people walking by their cage and even slammed themselves against the cage walls. It said that they now have settled for the most part but can still be seen sometimes "stalking" those passing by their cage.
The heart of the center is to allow these animals a safe environment to live in. They provide all the basics but they also provide love. The one staffer was hand feeding a mountain lion and you could tell she and the mountain lion had mutual affection for one another. Not me, baby! I like to view them from a distance...and with a fencing of some sort in between. LOL!
The fee was very reasonable and the money is used for a good cause. Maybe there is one in your area...makes a great homeschool field trip. :)


Dana said...

Lots of fun. We have a membership to Catoctin Zoo Park. They also rescue animals. The kids love it!

Beth in NC said...

That is so sad that even zoos get rid of animals. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Dana said...

Can you imagine what it would have been like in the garden where you could commune with the wild animals and there were no meat eaters? Megan and I were just talking about how much she would have enjoyed being Eve.

somebody said...