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Monday, August 24, 2009

Soooo Different...

I surprised the little's with a trip to the Dollar Store. They each could pick 2 things. I marvel at how very different they are from one another.

Connor~AKA~Mr. Mechanical, picked a flashlight and a tape measure. He spent the rest of the time in the store measuring everything he could and hasn't put it down yet! He's measured each of us, the counter, the bookshelf, how far he's walked from one room to the other, etc. :) The batteries in the flashlight are already on the fritz because he has been using it nonstop since we got home. He keeps telling me he can't wait until it gets dark so he can use his flashlight. LOL!

Gabriella~AKA~The Princess, picked out wall stickers for her bedroom. You will never guess what it says....PRINCESS! LOL! Her next item was butterfly wings. We put them on her as soon as we got in the door and she's been wearing them since. She said "mommy, just wait until daddy sees me like a butterfly." :)

Kyalynn~AKA~Our Song, first decided on wall stickers that were just ABC's and then a Dora ribbon flag. However, when we were going thru the last aisle she spotted books and that did it. LOL! She instead chose two books. She is our bookworm and would always choose books over anything else, except maybe animals. :) She has an amazing memory and so after reading her books aloud to her she already has them down and has been "reading" them to herself this afternoon. She's too funny! :)

Nolan~AKA~Our Laughter, didn't want anything. Can you believe it?! I offered him a ball, a book and some toys but he wasn't interested. Guess he's just not that into the Dollar Store yet but give him time I'm sure he'll come around eventually. LOL!


Wee Ones Mommy said...

What a fun day and a fun way to see how they each are different.

BTW- I'd love to borrow the Palyscap Design book. Can you email me at

Thanks!- tami

Tim said...

They are just sooo cute! I just cant believe that Nolan passed on the opportunity. Too sweet.

Love and Prayers,


-stephanie- said...

What a huge difference a few dollars can do. How fun! My girls think the Dollar Store is the best. Maybe you should have bought some extra batteries for the flashlight with Nolans bucks. ;o)

somebody said...