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Friday, August 21, 2009


As I've mentioned before, Kyalynn LOVES animals. Actually, she loves insects, spiders, get the picture. LOL! We have our bunnies on our front porch and Kyalynn will just sit out there talking to them or watching them. She probably spends a couple hours a day with "her" bunnies. We have one dog inside but he pretty much stays out of everyone's way except Nolan. For some reason Nolan doesn't bother him. Of course, all of the food that hasn't made it into Nolan's mouth goes to the floor and Mordecai (our dog) consumes it. So that's probably why the dog tolerates Nolan more. LOL!
Kyalynn loves to visit the animals at the local mini-farm or even likes to go to the pet store. For her this is the highlight of her week. In fact, each morning after we drop Ryan off at work this is the common refrain I hear "go see animals mommy". When I turn the opposite way she knows she's not getting her wish that day and then the screaming and gnashing of teeth happens. LOL! Whenever I do take her to visit the animals she always, without fail, cries as we leave in the truck. She also always says prayers for the animals and then asks me to pray for the animals. As I said...this girl LOVES animals and I do believe the animals can sense that in her. They seem to take to her. So, hence, why I thought we should get this girl some more animals! LOL! I mean, c'mon, those chickens aren't really animals she can touch and hold although when I can't find her I just look down at the chicken coop and there she is feeding them acorns. :) Sean and I discussed how animals have been known to help disabled children and adults in many capacities and I felt it would be so good for her in many ways. He gave me a tentative "ok" and so we went to visit a donkey farm. There was over 50 donkeys there ranging in age from newborn to several years old. Oh.My.Word!!! Talk about adorable! As the owner explained to me what was involved in caring for donkeys and we discussed types, colors, etc. Kyalynn was in her glory! She wasn't afraid at all even though most of the donkeys were MUCH taller than she was. LOL! And these donkeys would follow her around. One in particular, named Moose, would walk behind her and nuzzle it's head against her butt to get her attention. She would turn around and say "Oh, are you ok Moose?" and then proceed to talk and sing to him. It was so cute watching her because she was truly in her element and you could tell God has given her a gift and a heart for animals. Just look at her in the above pictures. Notice how she is so close to them whereas the other little's held a bit of a distance? In fact, Connor and Gabriella were more interested in the empty barn and had a blast just running around inside it while Kyalynn was outside in the field surrounded by donkeys. Sean's parents were so touched by Kyalynn with the donkeys that they offered to purchase a pair for her because they too felt it would be good therapy for her. Things were moving in that direction until Sean began re-thinking things and after more discussion (and some very good points he raised) we decided now was not the right time for the donkeys. I do believe we will eventually have donkeys and pygmy goats and more bunnies and.....ok, ok, I'd better stop before Sean reads this. LOL! We did indeed provide Kyalynn with some therapy animals...2 little kittens, Sampson (the white one) and Sophia (the striped one - which Kyalynn named!) You should hear her say "Sophia" it is the cutest thing! :) She is very good at feeding them and knowing their whereabouts. LOL! They are so playful that she sits and watches them and just laughs. It's has such a ring to it and I will never grow tired of listening to that sweet sound. So, yes, it is therapy for her and for me. As she prays often "thank you God for the animals."