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Monday, August 3, 2009

Women of Faith...

It was awesome! Worshipping with 12,000 women, annoited teaching, girl time, not having to cook or clean-up, and God teaching me and growing me in new ways.....priceless!

This year was extra special for me because my sweet sister-in-law joined us. It was absolutely wonderful to have time talking and sharing together. Actually, this is the first time ever that we had this much time together and I loved it!!

We took the scenic tour on the way down and back (meaning: we got lost. LOL!) but we sure laughed alot and it's another memory to add. :) I am not afraid to admit that I am directionally challenged. :)

I hope to post some things that I've learned or really hit me from the weekend. It's been great sharing it all with Sean and the older boys who are really interested in what God speaks to me. Too cool!!