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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All Because Two People Fell In Love...

When I was 14 my parents went through a time of separation. My brother stayed with my dad and my mom and I moved to an apartment in the city. Several months later my parents reconciled and we moved back home but my attitude towards my dad was not the greatest. I was often told I needed an attitude adjustment. (Hard to believe...I know! LOL!) So to facilitate my attitude adjustment and to help me reattach to my dad we began taking Tae Kwon Do classes together. I know now that God used that bad situation to bring me a "good" thing...Sean! Sean was our Karate Instructor!!! He was a 2nd degree Black Belt and boy, could he make that uniform look good!! :) Ok, sorry, I digress...:)

Sean has always been a perfect gentleman and so while we began lessons he NEVER talked to me. He would always seek my dad out and chat with him but when I came over to them he'd always find an excuse to leave. I couldn't figure out why and it wasn't until several months later when he began, little bit by little bit, to talk with me. (He tells me now that he was getting in good with my dad first before he could ask me out) We were having a New Year's Eve party and I invited him but he called to let me know he wouldn't be able to attend because he had strep. I was so bummed. Eventually, months and months and months later he finally asked me out and the rest, as they say, is history! We began dating when I was 15 and married when I was 17. Sean always makes sure everyone knows I was only a little over a month away from turning 18. :)

Alot of people doubted our relationship would last. Many wondered why we married so young, why we couldn't wait a few years. Often we were asked didn't we want to see the world? or Don't you want to live life before you settle down? One question asked over and over again was why?!

You know then the only answer I had was that I KNEW that HE was the ONE and so why wait to begin our lives together. It made perfect sense to us. If I could do it all over again, I would, in a heartbeat.

Sean had purchased an old farmhouse for us to live in and together, with God,  we made that place home.  So many wonderful memories but also so many difficult ones as well. In fact, it's those difficult ones that make the wonderful ones all the more sweeter.

It often amazes us to remember back to all those long ago conversations and to laugh at the plans and goals we had for our lives. They were so small compared to what God had in mind. We never could have imagined that we would be the parents of 6 children, that we would live where we do, that Sean would finally own his own business and that we would still be best friends.

I am thankful that we married young and had 2 boys early on so that we could still be "young" and raise a whole other family. I believe the early struggles helped forge our marriage foundation and our marriage covenant. And really, who can't see we are living life at the fullest around here? I mean our home is full of chaos, laughter, tears, singing, occasional dancing, love, joy and the noise of life! Ok, we haven't traveled the world, but God brought a beautiful country to us...3 times! (Korea) We weren't wild and carefree like so many others were before marriage but we are living life..the perfect one for us. I couldn't imagine it any other way and best of all....the nay-sayers and doubters were WRONG! By God's wonderful grace, Sean and I are still together and still in love...after 20 years! Oh He is soooo good!!

Sean's Senior Prom 

Our Wedding ~ September 17, 1989

My Brother's Wedding

Looking forward to another 20+!!!!