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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ard's Farm...

Sean had been at this farm during a business trip and thought the little's would really enjoy it so we made a trek there a couple of weekends ago. It was really neat! They had several different kinds of mazes, animals, a fun barn filled with hay and tunnels, tractors to ride on, and games to play. We ate dinner at the farm restaurant before we headed home. It was a day of memories in my book a great day!!

Kyalynn and Connor racing their ducks in the water game.

The Fun Barn is aptly named. LOL!

This was so cool! They had a slide tunnel built into the hill. I told Sean we ought to do this on our mountain! Man, what  a ride that would be! :)

Kyalynn LOVED it! You could hear her giggling the whole way down. :)

Gabriella liked it but not enough to go again and again. I think her limit was 5 times.

Connor rode the slide every which way possible. Let's see...he went on his butt, his belly, and twisting side ways the whole ways down at least once, that I saw. He would go down and run back up the hill to go again. He was pretty tired that night. Another reason we need one of these on the mountain!! LOL!

Nolan and daddy sliding the day away.

They had a corn cob shooter that of course, the guys loved. It was REALLY loud which scared Gabriella and  made Kyalynn cry so we didn't stay watching too long.

Connor with his mouse. The meal was fabulous! It was very country as you can see by the John Deere tablecloths. My kind of place! Anyhow, the kids meals came with 1 side and dessert. Connor picked the pear which came out looking like this. He thought it was the coolest thing. As he ate it he'd describe what he was eating like this, "Now I'm eating his left eye" or "I'm going to eat his tail now". Gabriella was NOT impressed! LOL!

 A boy and his tractor. :) Nolan looks like he belongs on a John Deere! He made vroom-vroom noises as he sat on it.