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Sunday, September 20, 2009


The cake the little's decorated for Sean and I's anniversary. Looks yummy, huh?! LOL!

Proud smiles!

This beautiful cake was made by Ericka, Zack's girlfriend. She did an amazing job on it! I LOVE sunflowers so she made this sunflower cake with sprinkles for seeds, ladybugs made from decorated peanut M&M's, and green cake batter. What a sweet surprise!

Sean and I celebrated last weekend alone so on our anniversary we had a mini party with the kids. After all, life is about celebrating! Around here I try to grab ahold of any moments that can be made into another mountain memory. Streamers, balloons, delightful dinner, decadent dessert (see above), and of course our traditional pinata. A party isn't a party around here without a pinata. :) And when the kids were finally asleep we snuggled and laughed and dreamed about the next 20 years and what else God has planned for us and our family.