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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Girl and Her Castle...

Today Gabriella had to go for more bloodwork. Her numbers are so random that they go from being extremely high to extremely low within a matter of a week! UGH! So we are praying these test results will show a balance between the numbers so we can hold off more bloodwork for at least a month.

While driving to the hospital Gabriella asked me if I wanted to hear her story so I quickly shut off the radio and said absolutely! She began by telling me she wanted to talk about Jesus. Then she proceeded to tell me the Easter story in detail. Then she touched on all the major Bible Stories she has heard, Daniel, Joseph, Moses, etc. When she got to Jonah I had to laugh. She was telling me how he was a bad boy and didn't obey God and so a big, giant whale swallowed him into his belly. She said it stank inside and he got green things (seaweed) in his hair, all the while she had her face twisted up in a little yucky grimace to make her point. It was so cute!

She told me many stories and happily, most of them included me. :) However, there was one story that she was adamant that I was only allowed to drive the car and not participate in. This is her story... "One day Gab tried to drive mommy's car but mommy said No way. So Gab asked mommy to drive her. Mommy said where are we going? Gab said I'm having lunch at the castle (in Disney World) with Minnie Mouse but you can't go. Minnie is making chicken and dip (Gabriella's FAVORITE!). But don't worry mommy, I'm not going to live at the castle. I'm going to live with you and daddy I'm just eating there." :)

Although I hate that she has to undergo bloodwork so often I am thankful for these brief moments of time alone with her. She is growing so much and her personality is so cute to watch. After the test we went to Target for me to check a price on something. We rarely go to any stories outside of Walmart grocery shopping so this was a real treat for her. I allowed her time to walk up and down each toy aisle and she was so excited. She found an African American baby doll that she adored, princess dress-up clothes that she oohed and aahed over, and a ABC toy that sang. It was neat to watch her. She never whined to have any of it she was content just looking at it and touching it. She came home excited to tell the others about the treasures she saw. LOL!

And when getting her bloodwork she is often given stickers. Without fail she always asks if she can have one for her brother and sister too. So she comes home bearing gifts. Today's bounty was 3 smiley face stickers and 3 Dora stickers. :)

Tonight during her prayers Gabriella prayed that she would never, ever have to get blood taken again and that she wouldn't have to go to "all my doctors anymore." Oh honey, we pray the same thing!

Gabriella mostly shows her "tough" know..spunk and attitude. LOL! But that gentle, beautiful princess is never far from the surface and boy, do I love that God chose her to be ours!!!