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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mary's Story...

Mary Magdalene's story is one of the most eloquent examples of the truth that when Jesus redeems your life, it is changed forever. That doesn't necessarily mean that all your external circumstances change, but because the risen Christ is present, life is full of purpose and hope. Perhaps that is one of the greatest lessons I am learning. I used to think that when you love and follow Christ, he would change your life circumstances that are painful or clear your path of potential potholes. I believe now that the truth is far greater. Rather than get us out of trouble, Jesus lives in us through any troubles.
   ~ From the book "Let Go" by Sheila Walsh ~

As I've stated before I simply adore Sheila Walsh. She is my absolutely, hands-down, favorite speaker at the Women of Faith event each year. Her gritty honesty and realness are what draw me to her and her story. I desire to be a woman who wears no masks, that shares openly, honestly and transparently from my heart so that other women may realize it's ok to be real. After all, it's only when we take off all our masks and be real that others can see the Truth shining in and through us.

This book is perfect for me this year (no surprise to God!) as the subtitle states "Live free of the burdens all women know".  She states that "Freedom starts when we just let go." Honestly, I never realized how much I've been holding onto in my life and Mary's story just continues to remind me that it's ok. The first step is becoming aware of the areas that need change so I am on my way! I am a work in progress and God isn't finished with me yet. I know that through it all Jesus is in me...guiding me, teaching me and best of all, transforming me!

These are words that I have to remind myself of often....maybe you do too?

As you are, right at this moment, 
God loves you.
He knows all that is true about you and, 
He loves you.
Even when you can't forgive yourself,
He forgives you.
There is nothing you can do to make 
God love you more.
There is nothing you can do to make 
God love you less.
This is the grace of God.