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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Progress....Slow But Steady....

Just look at her! My precious jewel....Kyalynn.
Kyalynn's progress is more like the tortoise than the hare in the story of that great race. It's teeny tiny steps but at least it's progress. She is speaking so much more clearer now and uses sentences more often. She still screams when she doesn't get her way and has added stomping her foot or just plain throwing herself onto the ground. BUT these are less often than before....slow but steady progress in the right direction. :)
Kyalynn can sing all the books of the Old Testament and has half of the New Testament down as well. When it comes to memory this girls' got it! LOL! However, if you want her to sit down and listen to the bible or devotions when she has other out! LOL!
She dresses herself, puts her own shoes on, uses silverware (most of the time), brushes her teeth and has even started helping during bath time. These are all things we couldn't wait for her to do and she did...slowly and steadily.
Her sensory issues are definately much better and we can get thru most meals without her gagging or choking on her food. That is so relieving!!
She still can't hold a pencil or crayon correctly but can write her letters. She can not use scissors, doesn't like playdough and seems to not have much strength in her hands. This is an area I plan to really work on with her this year in school. Anyone have ideas on what activities or things I could have her do to improve the strength in her hands??
I love to watch her with the kittens. She still has to learn gentleness with them but she is so funny when she picks them up and puts their faces right up to hers and says "you're so cute". :) She has a grand time singing, telling stories and just laughing at the funny things the animals do. A year ago I didn't believe we would see this much progress from her because of how long things take for her to master. However, I am expectantly looking forward to what she will be doing next year at this time. After all, the tortoise did win the race....slow and steady....hmmm, just like Kyalynn!!


Tereasa said...

Have you seen Faith Like Potatoes? It is a must see! I believe our children are like potatoes. You can't see what's growing on the inside. You just have to have faith.

Way to go Kyalynn!!

Possible ideas for hand strength... Hmmm... I am working on Sunny's hand eye coordination. I'll email you with some ideas as soon as I have time.

-stephanie- said...

What a sweetheart. For hand strength, maybe a soft squishy ball that she can squeeze.

Tim said...

Taylor burned her hand when she was only 1 yr old and had some serious scar tissue that caused her hand to close up (contracture). She had allot of therapy to strengthen the hand since the scar tissue had left it useless which caused atrophy amongst other things.

The therapist had her do silly putty instead of playdough. Its a little stiffer and better for working the muscles. You can probably get it in any toy store.

Get something small that she likes to play with. We used marbles, dice, things like that. You then let her see them and once she wants them let her see you puch them into the silly putty. Then she must use her hands to work them out of the putty. She will do this as long as they are something she likes and/or wants.

It worked great for Taylor anyway at a younger age so I thought I would share.

Love and Prayers,


Sean and Lisa said...

Tereasa, yes we have that movie and it's awesome! The ending gave me goosebumps. Great analogy for me to keep in mind, thank you!

Tim, what a great idea! I'm going to get some silly putty and give that a try this weekend. Thank you!!

Stephanie, that's another good idea! Thank you! See, I knew you all had some great ideas that I hadn't thought about...that's the body of Christ coming together...LOVE it!!

somebody said...