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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Taste of Africa....

Friday nights around here consists of pizza and soda. That's one of our traditions...there's nothing like homemade pizza and Cherry Coke to hit the spot. :) But this past Friday night we ventured into a new cuisine...African.

Our homeschooling technique has always been about hands-on and immersion in the subject so researching, cooking and eating African cuisine just seemed to tie right in. The dishes we created were Luku (Ethiopia), Meat on a Stick (Ethiopia, Uganda), Samusas (East Africa), Injera (Ethiopia), and Kashata (East Africa). I must say as we were cooking it I wasn't so sure it was going to taste good but actually it was all very tasty! My two favorites were the Luku and Kashata. YUM!

Sean took pictures with his phone but they are not even worthy of posting. :) We used this book for recipes and it was chocked full of great information about Africa as well. It was called "Cooking the East African Way" by Bertha Vining Montgomery and Constance Nabwire. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the library?! Great stuff!!

Hands-on homeschooling....nothing like it. :)