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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flight 93 Memorial...

Today, after church, we took a drive up to where Sean's next job will be. He is scheduled to build a log home several hours away and needed to gather some information on the area and we tagged along. Amidst our travels we came upon a sign that said "Shanksville" and just as I said that's where Flight 93 went down I saw a sign for the memorial. We made a quick turn and visited the sight. As we parked I explained to the little's why this site was important and vaguely explained that some bad men hurt alot of people and an airplane crashed here. Then I explained how very important it was for them to be very quiet because that would show our respect for the other people at the site and for those that had died. Let me tell you, I was so proud of them! They were so quiet and well behaved.  Connor was entranced with all the memorabilia that was hanging on the wall, especially the firefighter's helmets. Gabriella liked all the flags that were flying, and Kyalynn loved the pretty colors of the leaves on the trees. :)

Also, along the way we spotted these gigantic windmills used for electricity. The first ones we spotted were not moving at all but as we went down the other side of the mountain there was more and happily, these were spinning, hard at work. These pictures don't do them justice. They were HUGE! Each arm had to be at least 70 feet long! Could you imagine the cost of fixing those babies?!

When we first saw them I thought they were intrusive to the view but after a while I found myself thinking they were beautiful in their own way....kind of like each of us! :)

The kids were in the vehicle for 4 1/2 hours straight and were great! Sean had to meet with the customers for about 1/2 hour and while he was doing that the kids and I sat in the truck and played games. We started with the "I went on a picnic and brought a _____" and each of them added things as we went. Then they liked that so much we played "I went to the zoo and I saw a_______". That was their favorite. They thought it was extremely funny when mommy couldn't remember who saw what animals. LOL! After that, Gabriella kept saying "mommy let's play that game." :)
We stopped at a State Park and had the kids run off their pent up energy for a bit. We were the only ones there and they had a blast hooting and hollering and running full speed. Even Nolan followed suit. LOL!
Now everyone is tucked into bed (many hours later than normal) but as they prayed they thanked God for "their adventures today" (Connor), "cheeseburgers" (Kyalynn), and "Whales" (Gabriella's word for windmills!) But boy, oh boy, am I going to miss my man when he's working out of town! I'm thinking the little's and I will just be making lots of day trips to visit. :)