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Monday, October 12, 2009

Just Thinking...

This weekend I was able to meet up with a friend from church for breakfast. Actually, it could have been lunch as well because we were there for 4 1/2 hours! Sean thought I had ran away from home. LOL! Sandy and I became friends while we were both involved in marriage ministries at church for several years but then our lives took separate paths and we didn't stay in close touch. It was wonderful to connect again! Although our paths are different we still share the same struggles. Her path has brought her through some very tumultuous times before, during and after her divorce. My path involves pain and loss of a different sort however we both struggle to understand, grow, and heal. She is much further in her healing process than I am but I know I will get there too. My God is faithful. He promises that what He has started He will continue until it's completed.

We talked about our journeys and I realized how varied the process is to get to the end result of healing. Just as we don't parent our children all the same, coach all the athletes the same, or teach all the children in a classroom the same, God has so many ways to bring healing and restoration in our lives. I'll admit that I've sat in that dang judgement seat too many times on people who received healing through counseling or rehab. My mantra, as unfortunately it can be for many Christians, was that you don't need that kind of help you just need to pray more or believe more or _____you fill in the blank. I KNOW God is the Great Physician and He is our Healer but I've learned that He does use people, work through people to bring the needed healing. Sometimes, it involves talking with your pastor, or a good friend, or a family member. Sometimes it involves hospitals, medication, and specialists. Sometimes, it's all of the above! It doesn't matter the vehicle, it only matters that you are getting help and are beginning the process to healing. Of course digging deep into God's word and His truths are vital but there are times when you can't.even.pray. and His words seem to bounce off your brain. Trust me, been there, done that, lots and lots of times. Everyone, if they live long enough, will experience pain, loss and suffering. It's the nature of living in a fallen world. Sometimes our journey to healing is long and windy, other times it's a speedy, straight shot. As we journey it's hard to remember this all has a purpose. The pain, the loss, the heartache is refining us to be better, purer. That fire gets mighty hot sometimes but knowing He is with us in the fire, holding our hands, helps make it more bearable. Most of us wouldn't choose this refining process. In fact, I've balked at it for quite some time, which of course only hinders my process of healing. It's when I finally choose to embrace it, allow it, look forward to it even, that I can see hope and healing beginning. I've a long way to go but my feet are firm on this path and I've found myself even skipping down this path anxious to get the hard work over and get to that new found FREEDOM that I have been longing for! Life has taken on a new hue and boy, is it beautiful! :)