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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Little Gabi Girl...

Today Gabriella has graced our lives, physically, for 3 years! She was in our hearts much longer as we prayed, discussed and researched her medical issues. I had to really think about it because it seems like she's been here so much longer. Our normal mode of operation on "Gotcha Days" includes eating Korean food, watching her homecoming video, looking at all her pictures from then to now, and praying over her. However, Miss G is quite a finicky eater so I asked her if she prefered Korean food or something else. No surprise to us, she chose chicken for her meal tonight. She didn't in the beginning, but does have sensory issues with food now so instead of listening to her scream and cry during supper on her special day we allowed her the choice. We will be having Cranberry Chicken, rice (had to slip in some resemblance of Korean food LOL!) and green beans. She's been saying off and on all day "I smell my chicken cooking and it smells gooood!" It's in the crockpot and she's right, it does smell yummy!! :)

This girl is such an incredible blessing in our lives. She is ever the little princess, girly, prissy and full of mischief. :) She is my right hand helper, always running to get me diapers, wipes or whatever is needed. If something is needed she's the go-to girl. She loves to be in the kitchen and always wants to help me cook and bake. She loves playing with Play-doh and "making" her own cookies, pies and pizzas just like mommy. Connor is her best friend and they spend countless hours talking and playing together. You can usually find her close by my side and she always has something to say! (She gets that from her momma, I think! LOL!)
Thank you Lord for this unbelievably precious gift of a girl. May you find us faithful in raising her up to know and serve You all of her days.....

 My Gabi girl.....I love you with my whole heart!! Happy, happy Gotcha Day!