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Friday, October 9, 2009

Urgent Need...

Since I've started blogging I've met some really wonderful people but at the top of that list would be The Rockstars! They have God's heart and passion for adoption and have blessed the lives of countless people over and over beginning with their own adoptive children. Courtney is the sweetest, most genuine person you'll meet. She has helped so many adoptive parents as they begin the process to adopt, while they are struggling to bring in their funding, and afterwards, dealing with the transitioning of the new child into the family. She has been our cheerleader in each of these steps and continues to be a sounding board for me as we navigate the waters of RAD.

Her family has been given an opportunity to bring another precious child into their family. They have been longing and praying for a child and are so excited that God knows the desires of their hearts and has this wonderful gift to give them. However, He is asking us to help. You see, as most of you know, adoption is expensive and most of us that adopt don't have that money just lying around. We just have the willing hearts and the call of God upon us. As the Body of Christ, we are all needed to do our parts. Some are asked to go, some are asked to pray, and some are asked to give. Courtney's family is asked to go as God leads and bring these children home. They are standing, waiting, expectant ready to do as God leads but they need the senders to do their part. Is that you?! Can you give even a tiny bit to give a child a home? A home that is OVERFLOWING with love. A home that is safe, secure and focused on Eternity. Please go here and read about their hope and then I beg you to be a part, a big part or just a small part....but a part of a  LIFE CHANGING ministry.