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Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Horton Can Teach Us...

That's right, Horton the elephant. When the boys were small they loved Dr. Seuss and we spent hours reading every one of the books. I tried Dr. Seuss with the little's awhile back but they just didn't seem to want to sit still long enough to listen. I thought the rhyming, sing-song style would hook them but it didn't. Then someone gave us Green Eggs and Ham and we've read it a gazillion times. So many times that they can "read' the book word for word to me. LOL! So I decided in our weekly jaunts to the library to try again and Horton has struck a chord with them. Hooray, because really, Horton has some great life lessons to teach us. Like what? I'm so glad you asked. :)

1. To mean what you say
2. Faithfulness
3. To hang tough even when you are persecuted or questioned for your beliefs and actions
4.  Determination
5. To believe in yourself
6. How one life can impact many
7. Compassion
8. Be a good listener
9. The value of a person, no matter how small
10. To bring out the best in others

Need a refresher in any of the above? Just ask Horton.....