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This Boy Has Talent....

Zachary made this end table for Ericka for their anniversary. It turned out terrific and I even tried to coerce him to make me one! LOL! Hey, maybe I'll get one for Christmas. After he stained it he had pictures of them printed and then had glass cut to put over top so things can be set on it without damaging the pictures. He told me he was thinking about making a table for her and then within a matter of days he whipped this beauty out. He likes the idea of making his own furniture for their home and so this is the first piece in the Zachary collection. :)

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that HE AND ERICKA ARE ENGAGED?! Yeppers! The date is set for March 2011. Just look at them, aren't they gorgeous together?!

There's a backstory (isn't there always?!) to this romance. Ericka's family moved up from Florida many years ago and didn't have any family around here so we adopted them and they've become dear friends. We have spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and East…


I am soooo far behind. I can't believe I didn't blog Kyalynn's 7th birthday yet. To say there's always alot going on here is an understatement! :)

So without further ado, Kyalynn's special day.

Sweet Kyalynn turned 7 on the 18th.

Checking out the bounty....

Sportin' the shoes (play high heels) She does really good walking in them but really, you should see her dance. I mean she can cut the rug wearing these babies...impresses me for sure because I'm not a high heel wearing girl! LOL!

She wanted a kitty on her cake and then wanted her face painted to match. We are doing a special diet (I'll post about that later) and I made the cake using those special ingredients and no one was the wiser. It was really good!

Happy birthday sweet girl. Each day you amaze me with your determination and your abilities! We love you more than words could ever say!!!!

I am ....

THANKFUL... live in the United States of America, the land of the Free and the home of the Brave. be blessed with another day of life. have been chosen and adopted by the Creator of the Universe and guaranteed a life in Eternity. be forgiven over and over again.
....for a Godly, Warrior husband that faithfully loves me and our children.
....for two precious sons of my womb who bring me great joy.
....for 4 beautiful, amazing children, birthed in my heart, that have taught me more about my adoption by God and have given me eyes to see the forgotten ones and not be content to just know but to DO!
....that God is strong when I am weak.
....that we said Yes to God.
....that we have crystal clear water that runs from our faucets.
....that we have food to eat....3 times a day.
....that we have a roof over our heads and pillows and blankets to keep us warm.
.....that God is in control.  Hallelujah!!
....that we can openly and freely participate in worship and reading of God'…

Never a Dull Moment...

Zack has been having an intense headache since Friday morning. No cold, no fever, nothing else but pain. Of course persuading him to go to the hospital or the doctor is harder than pulling a crocodiles tooth! LOL!

Then last night we had a full house and as Sean and I were doing nightly bedtime rituals with the little's Ryan was playing airplane with Nolan. (You know, you lay on the floor with your feet up in the air and the child lays across them and flies.) Anyhow, Ryan got a leg cramp and Nolan started to fall and Ryan grabbed his arm and voila instant pain for Nolan. He cried non-stop for a long time. That is VERY unusual for our sweet boy. He is such a happy joy and if he cries is easily consoled but there was no consoling him last night. We felt his bones and looked him over and everything looked fine but he wouldn't move his right arm so we had the older boys take over the bedtime routine with the little's so we could take Nolan to the hospital. I did try calling the…

Getting My Brag On....

Ryan is an all around amazing kid. Not only is he a great big brother to the little's, he and Zack share a very cool brother bond as well. In fact, up until a couple years ago they were best friends. They are very different from one another in temperament and in talents, so they compliment each other that way.

These pictures are from vacation this year and it's just Ryan doing his normal big brother thing with the little's.

Ryan and Connor goofing off.

Ryan and sweet Kyalynn enjoying the water.

Ryan loves photography. He has for years. He began with making home videos of himself playing and singing....snowboarding videos...skateboarding videos.....goofy videos. Then he began using a digital camera someone gave him and he fell in love. He worked his butt off and saved all summer 2 years ago for his camera and continues to read all he can about photography, takes classes and practices ALL the time. :) If you are standing still for one minute he will have his cam…


I'm not even sure where to begin....
It feels like I've been in the processing mode for the last 4 1/2 years!! We really thought getting the official diagnosis would be the catalyst to healing for us, him and our family. In some ways, it has brought relief to know that we aren't crazy (at least the Dr. says were not! LOL!) The Dr. gave us her "recommendations" and would like us to return next week for a follow up visit (basically because she wants to put him on medication and we were uncertain about it during the first visit/evaluation). Although her "findings" were no different then the ones we had already "diagnosed" ourselves and have being trying to deal with it still was alot to take in and process. Several days after the evaluation I met with our Christian Therapist and she had a copy of the evaluation and we were able to dissect the evaluation a bit more and she was able to explain the things I wasn't able to decipher on my own (Dr. …

My Baby, All Grown Up....

Our oldest son, Zachary, turns 18 today. I can still remember the emotions from holding him for the very first time. He was a BIG boy, weighing in at 9lbs. 5 oz! Can you say BIG OUCH?! LOL! He has been a joy and a delight and we are very proud of who he has become. He is the world's best brother and will someday be an excellent daddy.

As my boy looks eagerly ahead to his future I must admit part of me is sad to see him grow and fly away. I know it's necessary and what we've prepared him for but still, a piece of my heart will be going with him. He is my child, my son and most especially, my friend.
Happy, happy birthday Zack!!!
You are loved more than you'll ever know....

Mission Field....


Matthew 9:37-38, "Then said Jesus unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest."

Do you sometimes hanker to be doing some great work for God? You feel as though you are wasting your life in your home. You would love to serve the Lord in some harvest field. Yes, it is true, the harvest is great and the laborers are few. But why are they few? Because mothers have not understood God's purpose.

Are you looking for an easy path in life in life or do you have a heart to serve God as a missionary? Dear mother, you are already a missionary. God has chosen your specific mission field for you. It is your home and family. You are employed by God to train laborers for His harvest field. You don't raise children and then send them to Bible College to prepare for service. You train them for God's service from the time they are little. They…

Connor's Evaluation....

To all who prayed for Connor today, we thank you. We are still in the processing mode. Basically, in a nutshell, he was diagnosed with everything we've known he has. So in one sense it validated what we've felt all along but yet to be completely honest, it is also a bit disappointing as well. We've already been researching, studying, reading and implementing much of what's recommended for his "diagnosis" over the years without much success. So I guess I was hoping she would diagnosis something else we hadn't thought of and that would be the big lightbulb moment, you know?

But no.

So my emotions are a bit mixed at this point. The Dr. was very thorough and took her time to explain to us a bit more about the brain from a professional standpoint, which was very helpful.

Also, another great side benefit of all the questions/explanations is that we've also figured out some areas we need to dig deeper in, research more, for Gabriella. As I was researching th…

Do you know what these are?

Homemade stilts! A blast from my past. I can remember my parents making these for me and my brother to keep us busy. LOL! So today I thought, why not?! And guess what? It works. All 4 of the little's have loved trying them out, putting toys inside of them, and there's Nolan using it to talk into. Connor also got the great idea to tie them onto his big wheel and made some wonderful music with them. LOL! Oh how I love the simplicity of toys that use the imagination!

Great Reminder....

"If each grain of sand on the seashore
 were numbered
 and the sum labeled
 "chosen of God,"
They'd be numbers still,
 not names;
salvation comes
 by personal selection.
God doesn't count us;
 He calls us by name.
Arithmetic is not His focus."

Romans 9:25 ~ The Message

IT"S OFFICIAL!! We are now the proud parents of a little girl......

Who can READ!!

Sweet Kyalynn's reading skills have bloomed. She is so cute to listen to as she reads. I LOVE it! This is a HUGE milestone for her and us. You see, she has to work extra, extra hard to accomplish most tasks that others do easily. She is a strong, determined little girl and we couldn't be more proud of her!

Not only is Kyalynn autistic but she is also deaf in one ear and severely hard of hearing in the other. I can't even imagine how hard it is for her to hear sounds and then replicate them. She doesn't do it perfectly, by any means, sometimes she doesn't annunciate her letters clearly or they are left open-ended, but she has the basics down.

While we were on vacation we watched an Extreme Home Makeover show about a family with an autistic son. To help the design crew understand this boys sensory issues they had Ty set on a chair and had people overloading his sensory input with noises, talking, bright lights, textures, etc. It really helped Sean and I u…