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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting My Brag On....

Ryan is an all around amazing kid. Not only is he a great big brother to the little's, he and Zack share a very cool brother bond as well. In fact, up until a couple years ago they were best friends. They are very different from one another in temperament and in talents, so they compliment each other that way.

These pictures are from vacation this year and it's just Ryan doing his normal big brother thing with the little's.

Ryan and Connor goofing off.

Ryan and sweet Kyalynn enjoying the water.

Ryan loves photography. He has for years. He began with making home videos of himself playing and singing....snowboarding videos...skateboarding videos.....goofy videos. Then he began using a digital camera someone gave him and he fell in love. He worked his butt off and saved all summer 2 years ago for his camera and continues to read all he can about photography, takes classes and practices ALL the time. :) If you are standing still for one minute he will have his camera in your face directing you on how he wants you to stand etc. LOL! Sean and I really hope he pursues photography in some way. He has an eye for it and really enjoys it. For Christmas I'm hoping he took my hint to have one of his pictures blown up for my living room wall. A Ryan original...the best kind. :)

He just started his own blog that showcases some of his recent pictures. Please stop by and say hi. He'd be glad to hear from you.