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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am ....

THANKFUL... live in the United States of America, the land of the Free and the home of the Brave. be blessed with another day of life. have been chosen and adopted by the Creator of the Universe and guaranteed a life in Eternity. be forgiven over and over again.
....for a Godly, Warrior husband that faithfully loves me and our children.
....for two precious sons of my womb who bring me great joy.
....for 4 beautiful, amazing children, birthed in my heart, that have taught me more about my adoption by God and have given me eyes to see the forgotten ones and not be content to just know but to DO!
....that God is strong when I am weak.
....that we said Yes to God.
....that we have crystal clear water that runs from our faucets.
....that we have food to eat....3 times a day.
....that we have a roof over our heads and pillows and blankets to keep us warm.
.....that God is in control.  Hallelujah!!
....that we can openly and freely participate in worship and reading of God's word without fear of death.
....for family and friends that will gather around our table tomorrow.
....for those of you who transparently blog your lives so others can learn, grow and see God shine brightly.
....for all the faithful prayer warriors that daily lift our family in prayer.
....for sweet baby giggles, warm sloppy little kid kisses, my teen sons always kissing me goodbye and saying I love you, and for the man of my dreams who gently leads me and extravagantly loves me.

Thank you Abba for all my gifts, large and small. Thank you for your love, forgiveness, and mercy. You are too good to me! I love you with all I am.....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Tina said...

Praise God for all the blessings, the little ones, the large ones, the ones that we didn't even expect, the ones we didn't even deserve!!! Have a WONDERFUL Day with your family on Thanksgiving. All will be home with us this year. I LOVE having everyone at the house. It is hard with schedules, but we truly try to get together a much as possible. Jim and I are so thankful for that....the kids enjoy being with us as much as we enjoy being with them.

Love to you and yours!!


(we have our blog updated if you want to check in sometime).

Salzwedel Family said...

We are very blessed indeed! Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family.

somebody said...