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Monday, November 30, 2009

This Boy Has Talent....

Zachary made this end table for Ericka for their anniversary. It turned out terrific and I even tried to coerce him to make me one! LOL! Hey, maybe I'll get one for Christmas. After he stained it he had pictures of them printed and then had glass cut to put over top so things can be set on it without damaging the pictures. He told me he was thinking about making a table for her and then within a matter of days he whipped this beauty out. He likes the idea of making his own furniture for their home and so this is the first piece in the Zachary collection. :)

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that HE AND ERICKA ARE ENGAGED?! Yeppers! The date is set for March 2011. Just look at them, aren't they gorgeous together?!

There's a backstory (isn't there always?!) to this romance. Ericka's family moved up from Florida many years ago and didn't have any family around here so we adopted them and they've become dear friends. We have spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinner together most years. I can remember babysitting Ericka and her brother when they first moved up here, they were so little! LOL! Through the years Zack and Ericka have just been good friends but one Thanksgiving dinner something changed and the rest is history. Well, really, it's just the beginning of their story and we couldn't be more blessed to know that Ericka will be our daughter. They are a good match  and I know God has wonderful things planned for these two!!