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Monday, December 7, 2009

18 Months...

Just look at this face! Oh my word! He is so cute!!!!
So our little man turns 18 months today. He is so full of life and fun. He has a smile that
lights up the world and he shares it often.
He is so enthralled with the Christmas lights and the Christmas tree. We love just watching him.
I can't even put into words what this boy does for my heart! He is
definitely a momma's boy much to Sean's chagrin. LOL! He is 100% pure boy and I have to get him off the counters, off the top of the couch, and the table, often. When he knows he's doing something wrong he will look at us and shake his head no with a big, 'ole smile on his face. :) Too precious that's for sure! We see Nolan as "the cherry on top" for our family, you know, the perfect ending. God knew exactly what our family needed and we are soooooo blessed by His gracious kindness to us.
Happy year and a half sweet boy!!
We love you higher than the mountains,
 deeper than the oceans......