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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Bittersweet Milestone...

This sweet little peanut is growing up waaaaayyyyy too fast.
How do I slow down the hands of time?

In the last couple of days little Nolan has decided he doesn't need mommy or daddy to put him to sleep anymore. :(
Since he was placed into my arms he has been held, sung to, and rocked to sleep for naps and bedtime. Of course I know what the parenting books say...."just let him cry himself to sleep" and I tried it a time or 2 but really, it killed me to hear him crying. So I'd rock and sing. He was happy, I was happy, no problem. After all, I knew this time would come, quicker than I'd believe.

So, my little man, likes to be "tucked in" like his brother and sisters are. He lays his head on his pillow and waits for me to pull the cover up to his chin and tuck it around him. All the while he holds his teddy bear and just watches me, smiling. I tell him I love him and he says "wu oo" which means love you and then I go do the countless other things waiting on my list.

Bless his heart, he knows how much his momma loves to snuggle and so at night we snuggle and sing for a bit before I lay him down. But goodness gracious, next thing you know he'll be wanting to drive the car! It goes so fast! So this time around I am just trying to savor every itty bitty morsel of life with these precious gifts I've been given.

My baby is growing up! Sean...time for another one. (just kidding........ I think ) LOL!