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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dinner Time...

It was Gabriella's night to help me cook supper. We were making Sweet and Sour Tofu and rice. Yum! She was working hard mixing, stirring and getting all the ingredients ready. My house was just way too quiet. Hmmm, I wonder what's going on. This is what I saw....

Kyalynn reading her books. Ok, all is well here.

Connor drawing a map. Ok, all's well here.

Nolan dumping out the salt shaker. Whoa! Wait a minute, hey boy what are you doing?

What?! Me?! Um.....hey look momma, I'm doing a science experiment. LOL!

As I went to clean up the mess I realized that his "science experiment" included a whole salt shaker and part of the pepper one as well. Wow! A budding scientist, I think.
The moral of this story is when the house is quiet....LOOK OUT! :)


Tereasa said...

Absolutely Adorable!

Debbie B said...

LOL! Priceless expression!